Groff's Garage: Opening Weekend Part II

716 Sports Podcast is excited to announce Buffalo Beauts’ Director of Operations, Linda Groff-Mroz, will be contributing her behind-the-scenes perspective on the 2016-17 season.

It's Groffy! --Photo by B. David Zarley

It's Groffy! --Photo by B. David Zarley

DAY 2 – Boston vs New York

7am my alarm went off, snooze please.

7:30am I eventually roll out of bed because Riley has practice at 8am, I am hoping I can move quickly enough to get there…yeah, not even close.  I have things to take care of for tonight’s game before I can leave the house – I want to stop by the NWHL Youth Tournament – pack my game clothes just in case I get caught downtown and can’t make it home to change.  Pack up my backpack with all my game day gear, including my computer so I can write the game day script for Boston and New York game.

Email – oh, it’s from Tatiana – how I miss her, she was always a trip!  She needed a favor, no big deal, music for tonight’s game, taken care of!  National Anthem singer- check…no puck drop, thank goodness…captain of the day – check…intermission team – check…chuck a puck collectors – check.

Post game food – done for both teams. Not a problem.

Missed Riley’s practice. Great. I feel like a terrible mother at this point.  I get to Cooper’s practice about 10 minutes late and give Riley a super squeeze and apologize for not being at his practice.  I have him my jacket because he didn’t bring his sweatshirt and Nichols is a pretty cold rink, ding dong.  Cooper is having a terrible morning, not enough sleep and just wants to get off the ice.  Sorry buddy, but you have an hour practice, you’re staying on for an hour. Tough break.

As a mum, I try and run a tight ship and very rarely do I bend on things.  Cooper comes off the ice crying and is very clinging.  I calm him down, but that didn’t last long when he found out I was off to the rink again without him.  He needed a nap, that’s for sure.

Off to HarborCenter to check out the NWHL Youth tournament.  The rink is lively with young girls running around with their NWHL Youth jerseys on and the Jr. Beauts take the ice!  I went into the box and worked on the game day script and it hit me that I needed to head home and rest before tonight.  I had to go to Wegmans to grab some snacks and such for the Beauts –  typical for such a weekend.  The Beauts CANNOT be without Fruit snacks, peanut butter and fruit. The glory of being a hockey mum.

Home – sat down for a brief moment and worked on the computer finalizing the gameday script. Made a list of things to do for the rest of the day and the game.  I’m on time and on point!

Wegmans: Picked up the snacks. Quickest trip ever!

HaborCenter – 4pm, T minus 3 hours until puck drops. Set up is going really well.  I was shocked on how many volunteers we had for this game, even though the Beauts were not playing; that just tells me what kind of people live in Buffalo. We truly are the city of good neighbors. 

Man my sneakers feel great on my feet, I’m sure I will have something else to say after the night is over.

Puck drops

I am making my laps around the rink and stop to talk to Mr. and Mrs. Duggan, and hearing them speak about how Megan enjoyed Buffalo made me so happy to hear.  Of course I saw Duggan while she was in town and gave her a huge hug. I miss her, but I know Boston is a good fit for her, especially because she is minutes away from her family.  I’m very close to my family, so Iunderstand;  I wouldn’t be able to be away from my family, that’s for sure.  No way.

The time is finally winding down, it seriously feels like it is taking forever, but I know it’s because I am over tired and super cranky and my feet feel like they are on fire…who knew how much my feet would feel like cinder blocks (my poor legs!) I would really like to know how many laps and stairs I do in 1 game, let alone this weekend. Experiment? I think so.

Breakdown begins…of game day stuff, not my mental breakdown. I’m waiting until after the game Sunday to have a complete breakdown. I know it’s going to happen, I just know it.

11:45pm, I finally get to my house and my front door feels like it is a mile away.  I stumble into my house, tripped over the dog, nearly fell on my face and climbed into bed and passed out.


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