On the road again, bah-da-dah-dah-on the road again...The Beauts hit the road heading to Newark, NJ on December 2.  It was a busy morning for me for sure.  I had to get my boys up and ready for school…I woke Riley up first so I could spend a little extra one on one time with him before he had to catch the bus.  Riley is so much like me it’s scary.  He does not like to eat breakfast in the morning, all he wants is a cup of juice or water, where I need a cup of coffee or a Spark from Advocare.  He surprisingly woke up and got out of bed fairly easy with limited arguing about having to go to school.  I’m pretty sure my mother poured cold water on me once to get me out of bed.  Needless to say, Riley and I are NOT morning people…we tend to say we are allergic to mornings.

Riley complained that he was not going on the trip with me, and insisted that he miss school to come on the trip.  I continued to tell him that he could not go on this one because I just didn’t have room for both the boys.  He told me I could leave Cooper at home and he could go, just as he did last year to Boston.  I would love to take both of my boys on a road trip – I think it would be a blast –  however, I’m not sure how the team would handle two boys on the bus.  Perhaps it could be put up to a vote.  All those in favor? 

Riley’s bus came at 7:40am.  I gave him a little longer hug and a super smooch, told him to have a great weekend with his dad and to have a great day at school.  I shut the door and turned around and there Cooper was waiting, rubbing his eyes and mumbling a “morning mummy”.  Sweet little boy.  Now Cooper can be a morning person, with the right person talking to him.  If Riley tries to talk to him? Oh no, absolutely not. Whining, pouting and sometimes screaming of “LEAVE ME AAAAALLLLOOOOOONNNNNNE”!!!  Ah, the joys of motherhood. 

Cooper went back to his room after doing morning duties in the potty.  He grabbed his clothes and brought them out to the living room.  He started to get dressed as I brought him his Fruity Pebbles cereal and put on Pee Wee’s Christmas Special.  Man, I love Netflix!  It gave me time to finish packing up their hockey equipment, my overnight bags, and start the truck. I have to take Cooper to school every morning because he is only in Pre-K and does not ride the bus.

I started the truck and made sure to put the blue cooler and snack tote in.  After Cooper’s drop off, I had to go to Wegmans for snacks, then to North Buffalo for practice, then to HarborCenter to pack the jerseys, socks, towels, water bottles, giant water jug, put ice in the blue cooler and grab the massage table from Impact. 

I gave Cooper a little extra squeeze and a super smooch and got the “Muuummmm, not in front of my friends” look and push away. 


Bus is packed!  I even was able to take the freight elevator down from The Rinks because of the giant load of stuff I was putting on the bus.  We are off!  Snag the coaches at each of their pit stops and now we are really moving.  First movie, I made the executive decision, “Bad Moms”.  The movie seems to get more and more funny every time I watch it.  There are moments during my day that I completely feel like I’m failing as a mother.  I have guilt – major guilt when I have to go on the road.  I have major guilt when Riley and I start to argue about his homework, cleaning his room and doing his chores…I would love to say, “you know what, you don’t have to do any of these things, ever. Just be a kid, have fun and make messes. I’ll clean them up.”  Then I realize that I would actually doing my kids a disservice by not making them responsible for their own messes, their room, their clothes and making sure they use their brain for more than a hat rack.  One day they won’t be living at my house (Lord help me make this happen) and they will be out on their own (Lord help us all) and they need to be able to function in society and be productive.  I’m trying to teach my boys they need to work for what they want, it WILL NOT be handed to them.  So am I a bad mum for making my 8 and 4 years old clean their room?  Take care of their dirty clothes?  Clean up their dishes when they are done with them? 

**On a side note, Cooper actually rinses his dishes – I came home one day to him washing dishes and putting them in the dishwasher…I have proof, I took a picture.  And when I asked him why he was doing it, he said “Mummy because I made the mess, I clean it up, I help you”.  Yes I wanted to correct his English, but how could I when he was doing dishes?  So to his future wife, you are welcome!**

Riley loves to Windex the windows and vacuum.  I think while I’m on the road I am going to make them new chore charts to really make sure they get on a routine (and me, too.)  I used to have one, I have to find it again. I’m sure it is somewhere in my house…just not exactly where.

We finally get to the hotel.  The beds are super comfortable.  As much as I have a guilty gut about leaving my boys behind, I have to say there is a part of me that is excited for the road trip, and here is why: I can take as long as a shower as I want without two tiny humans busting in on me asking me for juice or to open fruit snacks.  I don’t have my two tiny minions banging on the bathroom door, screaming “Mum are you done?!”;  I don’t have my two tiny humans waking me up in the middle of the night asking me for water. Uninterrupted shower, uninterrupted sleep…just peace and quiet.

Of course I roll over thinking it’s 9am and it is 6:50am. You know what I would like to tell my internal clock right now? But, I need to stop swearing.  My house has a swear jar because my boys are slowly dropping some here and there.  I’m covered – my Discover card is in the jar. Thank you everyone for your concerns, but I’m covered.  Pretty sure I will be able to take a cruise soon.  The jar is for EVERYONE who enters the house, so friends and family, you have been warned!

The day has begun!  I have some work I can catch up and a new daily planner for 2017 to set up before we have team meal and head to the rink. My morning was very productive, I did my January schedule for sniper school, MMHSAA hockey, work, visitation schedule and designed my Christmas cards!  Pregame meal was a success and since the rink is right around the corner, we were able to chill a bit longer at the hotel.  Packed up our rooms and walked over to the bus, loaded our clothes, grabbed our gear and off to the rink.

Beauts win! Beauts win! Beauts win!  This was the first game of the season that I was actually able to SIT and WATCH!  It was amazing!  I had forgotten how awesome it is to sit and watch a game live; when we’re at home, I am running around doing my job and don’t see much of the game.


Now my job as the road equipment manager begins: I grabbed the skate sharpener and headed to the bus.  Snagged my duffle bag and changed into my track suit and crocs so I can run around and make sure the bus get loaded in ample time and we are outta here ASAP.  I got back to the locker room and the girls had already put their jerseys, socks and dirty towels in the bag, all I had to do was zip it up and loaded it on the bus.  Water bottles were emptied and put inside the blue water jug, which was already loaded –  thanks, Ric for taking it out!  I grabbed the rest of the snacks and Gatorade and put it all on the bus.  We were ready to hit the road.  We said our good-byes to friends and family that made the trip, loaded the bus and it was peace out Newark.

It’s 2:17am Sunday morning when the bus pulls up to the HarborCenter.  All of the team helps clean and unload the bus and packing my truck up with everything is like playing Tetris, complicated but somehow I am able to get all of it jammed in there.  Head home and by the time I take a shower to get the road grime off of me and climb into bed, its 3am and I wanna go to bed.

Good night, because it’s not long before I have to wake up and get to Riley’s hockey game.

And then it starts all over again.