Golden child returns to home away from home away from home

Every athlete at every level at every age has had the dream of being a champion. Relatively few get to live out the fantasy, and even fewer do it on a national level. Buffalo Beauts goaltender Amanda Leveille has done it in three consecutive seasons - two with the Minnesota Golden Gophers and most recently with the Beauts.

While Leveille has been tearing it up in her HarborCenter home, she’ll return to Minnesota on February 10 to captain Team Lev at the NWHL’s All-Star Game. It’s a big year for the league, and for Leveille. Selected players will travel to the mid-west and join forces with current and former Minnesota Whitecaps greats for the Skills Competition and, of course, the All-Star Game.

Leveille took some time after a recent win to speak with 716 Sports Podcast about the honor, the game, and what’s happening in LevWorld.

716 Sports Podcast: Which has felt better – New ownership by the Pegulas, six-game win streak, or being named all-star captain?
Amanda Leveille: It’s impossible to say one feels better than the others when I am so grateful for all three!

716: When you got the news about the All-Star Game, what was your reaction?
AV: I was very surprised and grateful for the opportunity to be a captain at the All Star Game in a state that become my home away from home in college. Couldn’t be more excited to play another game in the state of hockey!

716: You took three Buffalo defenders in the ASG draft. Is that an indication of how comfortable you are with your blueline?
AV: I love my defenders they work hard and sometimes make some saves for me!

716: Who did you choose that you’re most anticipating playing with?
AV: Jordyn burns. We were Gopher teammates and we’re both excited to play another game in Minnesota.



716: Any predictions for the weekend?
AV: Team Leveille 40 Team Ott 0. Just kidding. I’m anticipating a fast paced thrilling game. Can’t wait!

716: With Brianne McLaughlin out of the way, are you keeping the fastest goalie title in the Queen City?
AV: Negative. I have a better chance of on winning the accuracy or hardest shot!

We thank Amanda for her time. For the third consecutive season, a Beaut is captaining an All-Star team, and Leveille’s predecessors are undefeated in the previous iterations. Be sure to tune in to for the broadcast and cheer on the league’s best and brightest.

Erik Wollschlager