Obsession is an ugly word. It implies a manic focus on something that is close to, if not totally, unobtainable. Stalkers of celebrities, conspiracy theorists, people who sat in line for an hour to get tater tots at Sonic…the fuel was all the same, the big ‘O’ word that creates borderline insanity.

Fans of the Buffalo Bills have an obsession with the New England Patriots.

Since the dueling 31-0 shutouts by both teams at home in 2003, the numbers are ugly. New England leads the series 21-2, with one of the two coming in a rest-your-starters-and-worry-about-the-Super Bowl 17-9 win for the Bills in Gillette the last week of the 2014 season. Patriots fans and media laugh at Buffalo, and why shouldn’t they? Look at the scoreboard and the self-induced paranoia Bills fans twice annually put themselves through when this game week rolls around.

What is the solution to this mental illness? Apparently it’s worn-out memes of cheetahs, deflated footballs and Tom Brady wearing Uggs. LOL and all, but they aren’t taking away those Lombardi Trophies despite your best “Tom Brady sux” post on social media.

A rivalry happens because two teams are at the same level and trade haymakers nearly annually. Baltimore-Pittsburgh is a rivalry. Green Bay-Seattle is a rivalry. New England-Buffalo has been a glorified bye week.

No one is going to stop, and this is not an attempt to be fatalistic. More so, let’s take a step back and examine what we try to accomplish by throwing internet pebbles into the moat surrounding the castle of Belichick. A win on Monday, in a seemingly impossible position, will turn the obsession into a rivalry for this season and set up a potential round three with major stakes. A loss is not fatal, but it certainly changes the trajectory for the season.

But if the Patriots win on Monday night, I can’t wait for the Belicheat posts. They’ll be funnier and more obsessive than the last loss. 

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