Buffalo and Houston are about to play football
You call them the Bills and Texans, I like going to the mall
The Bills are coached by Rex and the Texans are coached by Bill
It sounds like many of you have had your fill

I really like Tyrod, he throws the ball good
Let’s hope the officials do not have to always go under the replay hood
I forgot to look up the other quarterback’s name
The weather will be 50 degrees and hopefully it will not rain

The game is in Orchard Park which isn’t quite in Buffalo
But CBS will make sure there are mandatory chicken wings and Niagara Falls shots though
Stephon Gilmore is really fast and Jadeveon Clowney is too
I just saw the new polar bears over at the Buffalo Zoo

The Bills lost to the Chiefs and that was a bummer
Does anyone in Erie County still drive a Hummer?
JJ Watt went to Wisconsin for school
My stepmom says when he sees him she wants to drool

So I think the Bills will win the game
And LeSean McCoy will end up in the Hall Of Fame
My poem is done now, so let me say thanks
The Texans suck, go Bills

By a random 6th grader in Lackawanna