Cousins Are Cool -- But Just One Is Great


Pay Kirk Cousins lots of money. 

Want to be a Buffalo Bill, Kurt? Er, umm...Kirk?  Wesley Hitt | Getty Images

Want to be a Buffalo Bill, Kurt? Er, umm...Kirk?

Wesley Hitt | Getty Images

Yes, Cousins will demand a pretty penny if, indeed, the Redskins decide to move on from him and allow him to become a free agent. Here’s why One Bills Drive should buck up and pay the man:

QBs are expensive

If you have a good quarterback, whether you drafted him, traded for him or acquired him via free agency, at some point you’re going to have to pay them a lot of money. Middle of the road guys are making $20-$25M a year. Guys who sling the ball all over are making almost $30M a year. 

I know this team likes to save money & find talent amongst street free agents and draft picks, but if you’re going to spend up on one position, quarterback should be it. 

This team is also significantly less cash strapped in two years when lots of expensive contracts and dead money disappear. 

You know exactly what you’re getting

Kirk Cousins is not the best quarterback in the NFL, but he has been able to throw for 4,000 yards with an inconsistent backfield and targets like Jamison Crowder. He’s an above average quarterback who certainly will get this team out of the basement when it comes to passing stats. 

Drafting a QB is the great unknown. A roll of the dice. There’s a high chance of a drafted signal caller not working out. 

Keep your draft picks

If the Bills pay Cousins in free agency, they won’t need some extravagant package of assets to move up and get a shiny target. Instead, they get to draft position players like DT, OL and WR. Each of those positions is significantly less likely to be a bust than a quarterback. (Those positions are also all needs the Bills have currently.) You also get to spend all your currency as you have it versus mortgaging your future or even turning two first round picks into one. 

You also don’t make another team better by giving them more currency to draft with. 

Let’s be real, moving into the top 10 will cost at least three picks, right?  Awfully pricey for an unknown asset. 

There are plenty of options at the Bills quarterback position going forward, but signing a quality free agent looks pretty appealing when you look at it this way. 

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Steve Bermel