Trying to process

It's been a long 365 days for fans of the Buffalo Bills. Since the organization obtained general manager Brandon Beane and head coach Shaun McDermott, we've been asked to trust the process; and for the most part, we have. We trusted the process when Tyrod was benched and Peterman threw five interceptions against San Diego. We trusted the process when the team seemed to fall apart after the first few scripted drives. We've trusted the process through snowstorms and, of course, the streak breaking playoff berth.

Here we are again, being asked to trust the process. This is an ask of biblical proportions. We're all familiar with Job's trials and tribulations, but to be honest, they pale in comparison to Buffalo's draft night jostling, sending two second round picks to Tampa to move to seventh in the draft for JOSH...allen. 

If you are new to the podcast, we are a passionate bunch. And with that in mind, we have our knee-jerk reactions to this...process...

Steve Bermel: "I know a lot of people in relationships who date someone and hope they'll be something that they're not. It seldom works. You're in it because of what you hope for rather than what you have. The Bills are hoping for something that isn't yet there. If their hope comes true? Wonderful! Brilliant! If not, this has sloppy breakup all over it. 

Bill Kenney: "One of the great revolutions in recent years is trusting the statistics in conjunction with, or over, what the human eye sees. We are not as smart or perceptive as we think we are. Which brings us to the 2018 NFL Draft, and the Buffalo Bills taking Josh Allen - a quarterback lacking any convincing statistical profile that mimics one which has been successful in the NFL. But McBeane got us to the playoff, I guess. And so we once again are blindly forced to #TrustTheProfile."

Jeff Boyd: "Being a young Bills fan - too young to remember the glory days - is about hope in the future and trust in the process. We want to believe that what we are on the cusp of an offensive renaissance. We are waiting on the new face to lead us forward into a new era of greatness. After this year's first pick, I find myself unsure instead of optimistic; second guessing instead of cheering. I want to be wrong, but I find myself feeling round one de ja vu."

Erik Wollschlager: "This feels very much like two men who are in their second year of managing/coaching an NFL team and want to prove to the world that they know something no one else does. We've seen this before. I am sick of seeing this. Don't prove to me that you can identify sleepers. Find me the players that will help my team win, or stop wasting my time."

Justen Ehrig: "Being a Bills fan is like continuously going to a shitty restaurant that your friend owns. You keep going back because you’re loyal and you think/hope your buddy is going to figure it out. But he doesn’t and you just keep getting the same shitty food. What the FUCK just happened?!

Erik Wollschlager