The Buffalo Bills Think You're Dumb

** photo courtesy of Heather Prusak - WGRZ **

** photo courtesy of Heather Prusak - WGRZ **

The Buffalo Bills think you are dumb.

            Head Coach Sean McDermott thinks you are dumb. After yet another dud of a performance by Nathan Peterman at quarterback (combined with a complete team failure to execute in any aspect of the game during the 47-3 loss at Baltimore), he told media types he needed to check the tape before deciding on who should start Week 2. Then, during his press conference in announcing rookie Josh Allen starter (more on that later), he refused to answer anything. “I don’t feel a need, honestly, to elaborate,” said McDermott on Wednesday. Great. This is the same presser where he said starting Peterman Week 1 “was the right move and I’ll take that to my grave.” What changed? One game performance dug up your coffin?

            General Manager Brandon Beane thinks you are dumb. He was part of the brain trust that has taken a playoff team and neglected to make any sort of necessary adjustments. He lost center Eric Wood and guard Richie Incognito to retirements, traded tackle Cordy Glenn, and his major signing for the offensive line, Russell Bodine, is the current backup center. He sent a ridiculous amount of draft capital to move up five spots, and then took the rawest of the top five quarterbacks available in Allen. This was followed up with another move up in the draft, eliminating any surplus Buffalo garnered in the previous draft. Then AJ McCarron, the free agent quarterback who appeared to be the smart choice to start based on experience, was shipped off for a fifth round pick to Oakland. Now the Bills, saddled with the worst quarterbacks in the NFL before the McCarron deal, now will be forced to ping pong between two inexperienced options, neither ready for prime time.

            Owners Terry and Kim Pegula think you are dumb. You got your playoff appearance ok? So shut up. That’s what you wanted, right? And after unceremoniously removing Tyrod Taylor from the team, Terry appeared to be a driving force in taking Josh Allen, entranced by the large measurables and strong arm (please ignore the inaccuracy and inability to garner even a second team All-Mountain West slot). The reign of the Pegulas with the Bills so far has been schizophrenic, with quick burnouts on coaches and management, an insular attitude with only public relation-approved material being presented to the public, and indications that the public facing side does not match what goes on behind the scenes. The Bills are their biggest toy, so they can do whatever, but so far the Pegulas have barely garnered the respect paid to them by so many.

            And we get back to where we started. The Buffalo Bills think you are dumb. Its time to stop blindly declaring Super Bowl and assuming 300 yards passing is a magic elixir for wins. The team is a complete disaster and there’s very little reason to have hope. The hope against the Los Angeles Chargers is to stay competitive. The fear is that Allen is being thrust into a spot he is not ready for and his development could be destroyed. 

            On Sunday at New Era Field, remember it is indeed ok to boo. After all, the Bills brass thinks you are too dumb to do so.

Bill Kenney