On NHL Deadline Day, a local blogger threw spaghetti at a wall and in the words of Rick Jeanneret, "OHHH BROTHER," did it fail to stick. It bounced off the wall so hard that it inspired trampolines to be better at their jobs. The attempted report stated that Robin Lehner was unhappy and wanted to be traded out of Buffalo. Not too long after, some of Buffalo’s most ridiculous, petty, and insecure sports writers quickly climbed up their crumbling pedestals (luckily it’s not a large pedestal, as the media elevator may have broken) to publicly shame said blogger.

Clearly the report was wrong, as Lehner directly refuted the report the following day, but the disgusting victory lap that ensued by the Buffalo sports MSM after was fucking infuriating to watch. And – hey, maybe this “untrained blogger” did hear something? Maybe Lehner is unhappy and was trying to save face so he isn’t labeled a locker room problem in a contract year? Probably not - but - WE’LL NEVER KNOW!!

The guy who writes about baseball for the Buffalo News in Buffalo’s fledgling baseball metropolis, called out this premature report and yelled into the abyss that is Sabres Twitter. His whiny war cry was heard by an Associated Press writer – who was angry that he had to suck the Cheeto stains off his fingers to respond – got involved as well. We get it; this report was wrong by all indications. It was a black eye that may have been well earned. Poke your fun. Knock a guy down. But don’t piss on him and an entire community of excellent bloggers as well while you hobble around, hoisting up the moth infested dish towel that you call a flag.

Admit it. Your profession is dissolving in front of your face. The internet is your best friend, as well as your worst enemy. The very untrained bloggers that write ‘from their mom’s basements’ are slowly chipping away at a dying medium. Nobody wants to pay to read your repeated drivel when I can read seven better articles for free, and come away with well thought out and intelligent sports takes.

This has been made an unnecessary war. It’s time for the basement warriors (as I write this from the house I own) to dust off our mom’s keyboards and come together as one. Let us enjoy our writing and leave us the fuck be.

Yes. We're not "there" to break news. We are however great at reacting to news. We've (personally) tried to get credentials for things, and have been denied, despite being credentialed in other sports/leagues. We're being kept at arms-length, and we're just doing the best we can with what we've got. So for those with access to look down on us is some elitist bullshit. 

We untrained bloggers need to not be so worried about growing our brands, but come together and help us all grow as a blogging community. It’s a time of change. Let's be the agents of said change. Don’t avoid clicking a 2inthebox.com article because you don’t want to validate his page and give him a click. Why? Because it’s probably a fucking great article that some of your friends would enjoy if you mustered the strength to share a blog page other than yours. There are many of us and very few of them! We need to support each other and fight this shitty label pinned on us.

There are so many GREAT Buffalo sports blogs that are better than the paid invalids that turn us against each other. Read a Better Live Than Dead article. Then SHARE it. Then go read a BuffaloWins article and then SHARE that! Click on a Rockpile Report podcast and make sure your friends hear it. You know what, they’ll probably love the Numb Bills Fan podcast, too!

This isn't a cry to get these people fired. This a rallying cry to come together as a community of excellent, pushed-to-the-side writers with hopes and dreams. Stop trying to compete with each other and support one another. Lets beat this stigma we don't deserve. 

It’s okay to listen to, appreciate and support another blog/podcast if you have one of your own, because we’re all in this together now. We do this is a hobby. We don’t do it for money. This is a hobby that we fucking love to do. We leave our full-time jobs, go home, make dinner, pop on a Sabres game, and we pour our thoughts and feelings on to an unfortunate and unsuspecting Google Doc such as this one. Why? Because we love it. Not because we think our takes matter, but we want to share our takes as hot or cold as they may be. Let’s all be friends and break this parent-mooching, basement dwelling blogger label we’ve been given. If we all come together against the Buffalo sports MSM, our dreams can come true and maybe you’ll find yourself in a press box seat where anti-tank cries used to shower down on us.