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Bills BYE Week - SO - SABRES ONLY SHOW! The Blacksmiths team up the Instigator Podcast!

The Blacksmiths from the 716 Sports Podcast and The Instigators - The BlackGators - combined their efforts in a collaboration that looked at the Sabres problems scoring, why Lehner isn't as bad as people think, what's going on with the defensemen, and the Sabre-dential cabinet game.


Bills Monday Night Game! Great Game - TERRIBLE Officiating! We Help You Swallow This Tough Pill W/ Some Comedic Relief

Uhhhhh - refs just gave it to the Bills hard! What a tough pill to swallow! We have the elixir to make it better though. Some great positives! Some tough facts to face. Bye week comes at a perfect time. 

Bradley Gelber of WBBZ and BuffaloWins and drops his Yoda-like Sabres wisdom. The guys still look okay - most of the time. Moulson and Gionta are 2 of 4 players topping the team in scoring. Is that good or bad?  ALSO, we tell you how MMA training has IMPROVED Lehner the most.


The Great Tyrod Taylor Debate: Is He Worth the $$$? We Argued) After 1 Jack-less Month, the Sabres Are Just Fine



Dear Bills Offense,  WHAT WAS THAT?!

Title says it all....


BIlls All-Time Playoff Drought team - bill vs ravens + trivia!

We selected a Bills team that best epitomizes the 16 year playoff drought. A bit of controversy here!


"BEautscast" w/ Buffalo beauts Assistant GM Linda Groff live from lockhouse

Buffalo Beauts fan? Good news! We have Beauts only show just for you called the "BeautsCast."   We sat down with Assistant GM Linda Groff-Mroz and chatted all things Buffalo Beauts and NWHL.


Dareus, Karlos, Rex, VESEY, Bills flag in rio couple calls in, and trivia!

It was a CRAZY weekend at one Bills drive! Vesey made a HORRIBLE decision and is trying to deflect expectations LOL. We break down everything in this one. Do your earholes a favor and listen in!


Former UB wide receiver alex neutz joins us to talk bills, ub football and ncaa

It's been 2 years but Former UB Wide Receiver and record holder, Alex Neutz, joins us! He talks Bills and UB Bulls football with us and drops some excellent football knowledge all around. Great appearance by Alex.  We then dive into the top 15 NCAA football teams and run through a short preview.


Sabres Legends Don Luce and Craig Muni Join Us To Discuss & Draft the Vegas Team w/ Us! Don Luce Outran the KGB! But w/ Who?!

What an AMAZING show!

We begin with interviewing with Sabres legends Don Luce and Craig Muni about the new and exciting

We then discuss their careers with them a bit, get Don's opinion on Jimmy Vesey, then we go to drafting the new Vegas expansion team. Don, being the NHL scout that he is, ABSOLUTELY schools us on all 30 NHL depth charts.  Don then tells us an AMAZING and MIRACULOUS story of how he outran the - KGB?! and guess who he did it with!! Please tune in to hear this unreal story at the very least. Absolutely spectacular.



Kulikov, Stamkos, Draft, Impossible Last Names of Sports Spelling Bee

We recorded at Crabapples Micro Brew Pub on Genesee St in Cheektowaga. We chatted about the extremely interesting Kulikov/Pysyk trade, Stamkos and what he'd mean for the city and future of the Sabres. We also had a "spelling bee" where we tried to spell impossible last names of sports. Lets just say that there is some TERRIBLE spelling in this show.  Come on and listen and please do judge us.




Live NFL draft Show w/ Jim Kelly and Hunter's hope @ Buffalo Riverworks!

We were invited by Hunter's Hope to do a live show at theirEvery Score NFL Draft party at Buffalo RiverWorks. Jim kelly joinedus at the 45 minute mark of the show! For 15 minutes! It was great.Funny, too!  We covered the first round of the NFL Draftliterally like you've never heard before.  I think you'llreally enjoy or spin on the first round. Give a listen and see whatJim had to say also! 


WE'RE BACK! Sabres Wrap-Up, Bradley Gelber Calls In, Bills Draft Talk, Much More

We cover a large number of topics here. Mostly wrapping up the Sabres season and then we lead into a killer interview from Bradley Gelber from and WBBZ TV which then ABRUPTLY switches over to trivia. We then chat how lesser hockey towns CRUSH game presentations compared to the noted Hockey Heaven. Then our normal shenanigans ensue and we rant, rave and talk shit to each other as we do best.



A Sit-Down w/ Buffalo Beauts GM Linda Mroz at Lockhouse Distillery

We sat down w/ the now former Buffalo Beauts GM for a fun interview. 



TWO NCAA Division 1 head coaches call the show to talk Sabres Prospects, Will Borgen, Jason Kasdorf, and Judd Peterson!

We covered a lot on this episode It's definitely a good listen.

We had RPI Engineers head coach Seth Appert call in and talk about Sabres goalie prospect Jason Kasdorf (best goalie prospect we have IMO) and we followed that up with an interview from St. Cloud State head coach Rob Motzko on WJC Team USA standout defenseman, Will Borgen. He had HUGE words to say about Borgen. Get excited about this kid paired with Risto. It's going to be NASTY. He also spoke on the great season that Sabres prospect Juss Peterson is having as well.

We also covered Jerry Sullivan making an absolute ass out of himself and giving Buffalo another undeserved black eye.

We have Bandits talk as well as Buffalo Beauts and Buffalo 716ers talk. We covered the spectrum!  Please tune in! I promise you that you'll be happy that you did!

National Women's Hockey League All-Star Game (Play by Play and Color Commentary)


Sabres Hot Streak, Denver Post writer Mike Chambers talks the ROR Trade, Joe Yerdon of talks Ennis, McGinn and MUCH more


Bills Season Wrap-Up, Sabres Struggles, You Panicking? Thanks To Everybody Who Read Bill's Open Letter To Poloncarz


We wrap up the Bills season the only way we know how! With beer and bullshit banter.  Thanks to everybody who read Bill's open letter to Mark Polancarz where he defended Buffalo tailgaiting antics. It's gotten over 30,000 clicks! If you haven't read it, you can find it at!

The Sabres are playing well but not getting the W's! What do they have to do?!


This was a good one.  I apologize in advance for my breathing into the mic like a politician under Federal investigation.  That game against the Cowboys was pretty pathetic, eh?  

We talk about that and the Jets game and how important it is to win this game just to soothe fans a LITTLE bit during the offseason.  We also prepare you for the ENDLESS talk regarding possible QBs to consider bringing in.  The Buffalo News wrote a fairly shitty article about the Pegulas and Bill goes on a pretty epic rant regarding the mindset of some people.  Tune in!  Thanks so much for listening!



The Bills got pretty Billsy in Kansas City and dropped a super important game. Are fans blaming Rex Ryan way too much, way too soon? tMatthew Coller of WGR calls in and talks which Bills are exceeding expectations, Sabres, Eichel, Risto and so much more.  Sabres just played a stretch of the NHL's best teams and didn't look too bad. Eichel will have slumps so just please calm down. He should also never play on the wing.



Bills Drop Another To New England.  Horrible Officiating, not so good offense.  We finally saw the Rex Ryan defense we thought we'd see!  

Should O'Reilly Be Sabres Captain?  Should Gionta remain a Sabre past this season?  Regardless the Sabres struggles, they are very fun this year and very young and will be great in the near future.


Sabres lose to Dallas over a mere inch or two due to this ridiculous offsides challenge.  Chuck goes on a great rant over it.  We talk a lot more about the Sabres in this one. We hit on their upcoming schedule, what they'll look like at full strength, Sam Reinhart and more.  Then we spend the rest of the show chatting up the Bills.  Some Bills and Patriots talk that  you don't want to miss.


Professional ice hockey player from the Buffalo Beauts, #77 Hayley Williams, joins the guys LIVE from Lockhouse Distillery!  What a great interview! She's awesome and she crushed Game Time!

In our most heated podcast yet, we debate whether the Bills can make the playoffs and debate about Sammy Watkins.  There's also an argument over Sabres goaltending.

Thanks to Hayley for joining and Erik Wollschlager from for coming on!


We give our takes on if the the Bills are who we thought they were, how EJ played, how they matchup to the Jags and what's up with this D? This is not the Rex Ryan defense we usually see.  Josh Cooper (AGAIN!) of PuckDaddy calls in and talks Sabres and the rest of the NHL. We talk about Byslma's obsession (now trending down) with Brian Gionta, strange power play lines and underperforming Sabres.  Pump the brakes Sabre fans! We gon' be AIGHT! 

DOWNLOAD the show by clicking and holding this link --> and press "save link as"

Right click on computers!


Bills Squeak One Out in Tennessee, The Future Looks Bright for the Sabres, Tyrod hurt and EJ in?!

I think we're all still wiping sweat from our foreheads after that nail-biter in Nashville.  How do the Bills become more effecient on offense?  We talk a lot of hockey in this one.  Have you seen this Eichel kid play?! He's pretty okay at hockey.  The future looks bright for the Sabres.  We try and talk fans off the ledge in this podcast.  TUNE IN!


We mourn the unfortunate loss to the Giants.  Do we really know anybody from the Titans that is any good?  We get pumped up about Jack Eichel and what the Sabres could look like this year.  We tow the line of the Bills Super Bowl losses from the 90's for this weeks GAME TIME!