Thanks to Sabres Talk 365 and NHL 365 for the photo! Find them on Facebook and YouTube.

Thanks to Sabres Talk 365 and NHL 365 for the photo! Find them on Facebook and YouTube.

Our feedback says that all of you loved part one, so, it's time for PART 2 of "91 Reasons Why Steven Stamkos Should Come To Buffalo"  Below are reasons #19-36.  If you enjoy this, please share it with your friends!  Parts 3-5 will be releasing throughout the week. Be sure to keep coming back. You won't want to miss PART 5!

19.) Haaaaave you met, Jack?

Have you seen this prodigy, Steve-o?  Jack will willfully supply you with endless tape-to-tape passes at the top of that there circle for you to fire away at-will. Can you say, “PP1 unit?”

^^ Thanks to @LindyRuffsTie for the GIF!! Made it just for us! ^^

20.) Sam Reinhart

Samson is pretty okay at hockey too. If you want to play center as you so desired in Tampa, Sammy  will likely be your flank and assist you on your merry way to many more 30-40 goal seasons.

21.) HarborCenter

Look at that palace that Terry built! I’m sure he’ll put you up in said palace while you find a cozy spot to call home. You won’t have very far to go for practices on home games! Just an elevator trip away :)

22.) Grain Mills!

Speaking of finding a home, we have a wide array of state of the art grain mills circa 1842 that you can convert into a modern, contemporary, open concept, huge waterfront mansion!

23.) Buffalo has hardworking preservationists.

That amazing home that you and a developer collaborated on -  just got shut down by Buffalo’s finest preservationists. They’ve just saved you millions of dollars!

THIS IS WHY WE CAN'T HAVE NICE THINGS!!  -Thanks to WGRZ for the photo.

THIS IS WHY WE CAN'T HAVE NICE THINGS!!  -Thanks to WGRZ for the photo.

24.) The city board can be helpful.

Congratulations! You’ve won your case against Buffalo’s pesky preservationists! Proceed with that conversion and fix up that eye sore!

25.) Buffalo has great birds.

Unfortunately, environmentalists have just shut down all progress on your home again because birds fly at that elevation.  Sorry, Steve!



26.) We just got Sonic!

Not the video game character. The fast food restaurant! With the great milk shakes. And those 2 kind of witty guys in their Soccer Mom van. Unfortunately I don’t think they come here, but, the restaurant is OK at best.

27.) Jack Eichel

Did you know that Jack Eichel plays for us?

28.) You’re a huge Bills fan! Terry Pegula owns them too!

Make sure you have a clause in your contract that allows you 24/7 access to Terry’s owner’s box. We just hope you can deal with Rex Ryan for a little bit longer. We’re trying.

Thanks to @BuffaloCorey for the picture!! 

Thanks to @BuffaloCorey for the picture!! 

29.) The Bills might make the playoffs soon!

I give Tom Brady 2 more years TOPS. Then we’re in!

30.) Pegula Force One

The perks of Mr. Pegula keep adding up. He’s got his own private jet. One time he personally picked up Robyn Regehr all the way from CALGARY! I’m sure you’ll get the same treatment ;)

31.) Our professional athletes get away with most crimes.

If you ever get into trouble, contact Paul Cambria.   

32.) We’re so close to Canada that we get some Canadian TV channels!

Feeling a bit homesick? Great news, Steve! You can catch those old obscure Canadian sitcoms on CTV! There’s Hockey Night In Canada as well. That’s pretty neat, eh?

33.) Mighty Taco.

Taco Bell sucks.

34.) There are some real BEAUTS right next door.

There’s a professional women’s hockey team right next door! The Buffalo Beauts of the newly founded NWHL plays right in the HarborCenter.

35.) Megan Bozek

The NWHL’s hardest shot contest winner is a Buffalo Beaut.  You two can trade tips and improve those clappers. We’re going to need to see some power play production for this kind of money, Steve. Maybe Megan can help!

36.) T.O. came here!

He’s a pretty big deal. At least he used to be. He gave Buffalo a shot. But then, Trent Edwards and Ryan Fitzpatrick….well, you know. You’re a Bills fan.



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