Here at the 716 Sports Podcast we are on a bit of a recruiting mission for the city.  We put together 91 reasons why superstar, Steven Stamkos, should bring his talents to Western New York. Here is part FOUR. Numbers 55-72. You can links to parts, 1, 2, and 3 below:

Part 1    Part 2    Part 3

55. We Might Name A Cereal After You - Whether it’s a box of TO’s or the classic Flutie Flakes, we have no issues mixing our sports with our breakfast food. Do you prefer “Stamk-O’s” of “Frosted Skates”?
56. We Don’t Get Hurricanes - While yes, we do host Carolina, we manage to avoid the weather phenomena. I know snowstorms aren’t the greatest, but they usually don’t level entire cities, and Tampa was recently rated the most vulnerable city in the nation to hurricanes so…
57. You’re Used to Playing In Front of a Big Goalie - Allow me to introduce you to Robin Lehner. He’s like Ben Bishop, only a little shorter and 300% more crazy.
58. The Sabres Have More History - The Lightning have only been a team since 1992. Are you even trying, Tampa Bay?
59. Championship Caliber Roommates - The Buffalo Bandits are the most successful team in Buffalo sports history, and bring an amazing atmosphere to the FNC. Lacrosse is the official summer sport of Canada, as you surely know.
60. Toronto is Already Moving on - If your name isn’t Auston Matthews, good luck on getting your face on the game program opening night.
61. Rasmus Ristolainen - We’re in contract talks to lock down our number one defenceman of the future. The foundation of this team is more than just Jack and Sam. Also worth mentioning Jack and Sam again.
62. The Jays Minor League Team is Here - You can get your GTA sports fix just down the road from the arena by watching the future stars of the Toronto Blue Jays hone their skills for the Buffalo Bisons.
63. Architecture is Actually Super Cool - Whether it’s the Frank Lloyd Wright designed Darwin Martin House, City Hall, or any number of other awesome buildings, we have a smattering of many different schools of architecture on display.
64. Canadian Radio - If you’re ever feeling a little homesick, your radio will bring you tunes and talk from the Great White North
65. Our Tailgate Scene is Unrivaled - Ever taken a powerbomb through a table delivered by a drunk Bills fan in a Batman mask? Would you like to? If you answered yes to either of these, have I got some good news for you.
66. Quality Power Play Minutes - The Sabres finished the year 12th in Power Play efficiency, a good bit ahead of the 28th place Lightning. Just close your eyes in picture all those cross-crease one time feeds Eichel will give you, Stammer.
67. Pizza - I’m no globetrotter, but I’ve never found the pizza anywhere else in this country to be nearly as good as it is at any family run place here in the 716. You don’t even know what you’re missing out on, and that’s what makes this so sad.
68. Cap Room - Not only do we have a dump truck full of money to deposit on your doorstep, we also have a few smaller dump trucks to surround you with Terry’s Tons’O’Talent (™) 
69. Our Theatre District is Top Notch - Buffalo is home to upwards of twenty different theatre companies that run the full gamut of anything you could ever want to see on a stage.
70. Ryan O’Reilly - Not to be lost in the shuffle of talented teammates you’d encounter, as we’re still pretty excited to see this man get another season in the blue and gold. You’ll get a nice selection of linemates to gel with.
71. Canadian Bands Frequent Us - If you’re aching to see some stars from the great white north, you won’t have to go far, as everyone from the Tragically Hip to Billy Talent cross the border with regularity. The shows are also full of Canadians, so you’ll feel even more at home.
72. Outdoor Rinks - Miss the days of your youth when winters were spent outdoors on a sheet of ice that wouldn’t last a minute in Tampa Bay? Fear not, because you’ll find ice at Canalside, Fountain plaza, and a bunch of your neighbor’s houses in all likelihood. We’ll even help you construct one of your own as a thank you.  

Part 5 will be up very soon. It's by far the best and most funny. You DON'T want to miss it! Come back on Wednesday! In the meantime, listen to out most recent podcast where we re-drafted the 1st round of the 2007 NHL Draft! Did Pat Kane stay at #1? Who went 2nd? Find out!

AS ALWAYS, we are brought to you by the Lockhouse Distillery and Bar in the Cobblestone district.